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Love and life inspire me to capture the beauty in this world. I am honored to be involved in such important times in everyone\'s life. Senior photos, engagment sessions and weddings. I take pride in providing pictures for people during some of their biggest moments in life. Let me capture your special day.

An Ocean Sunrise

Sunrises have always been one of my favorite times of the day. To me it is a time of peace, a time of reflection on yesterdays thought and todays dreams. A calm before the storm as we set out into our busy lives.

As the sun slowly makes its way up above the horizon it provides a wonderful light for photography, changing with every passing moment. The challenge of working with a light that is changing so quickly is all part of the fun.

For this particular shot I had spent the previous day checking out locations that might provide an interesting foreground. Other variables such as wave height and sky cover were going to be out of my control. Noting the location for which the sun would be rising, the spot was chosen.

Armed with my Nikon D700, a 24-70mm 2.8 and an 8 stop Neutral density filter I set out to the break wall at the Palmas Del Mar marina in Puerto Rico at 0545. The breakwall  is made up of large boulders descending 25 feet down into the Ocean.  

The waves crashed upon the rocks as the crabs and geckos scattered at my early morning presence. The camera was set and the exposures made. Bracketing several frames with exposures ranging from 4  to 30 seconds the waves that had traveled the Atlantic turned to mist inside my camera and the image was made.

An Ocean Sunrise, Palmas Del Mar, PR

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